Ellershouse Windfarm

The rising costs of energy in Nova Scotia and a world in desperate need of moving towards green energy formed the basis for three Towns that own their own electric utilities to come together to form a partnership that led to the creation of the Ellershouse Wind Farm. 

The Towns of Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay have partnered together, creating the Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA) The first major project involved building a wind farm to combat rising power costs and to achieve green energy targets proposed by the province of Nova Scotia.

Ellershouse Wind Farm began construction in the summer of 2015. The wind farm started supplying power in December 2015 and all four turbines were working by the end of January 2016. As of 2018, the Ellershouse Wind Farm has a ten turbine, 23.5 MW facility supplying power to the grid. Since the addition of the wind farm, the Town was ahead of schedule in meeting the Province of Nova Scotia's 40% renewable energy deadline by 2020. 

With the addition of this wind farm as a new power source, the municipal utilities are able to stabilize power rates for customers, any profits made from the sale of this green energy resource will stay among the AREA members and the green energy targets set by the province will be met.

The benefits of renewable energy allow the Town to provide lower electricity rates so residents can better manage the cost of living and doing business. As the green energy industry continues to grow, the Town will look for new ways to expand our green energy portfolio in order to build a more environmentally friendly community.

Looking Ahead 

AREA and the Towns have a proven track record of emissions reductions, but there is still more work to be done. AREA will work with the Town’s priorities and project ideas to advance environmental and economic sustainability together.

Solar Gardens

AREA is developing 9MW of community solar gardens on behalf of each of its partner Towns. This is the largest community solar initiative in the country where ratepayers can participate in the benefits of solar with their Town. Annually, the community solar gardens will produce enough clean energy to power 1000 homes and will increase the total installed solar capacity in Nova Scotia by over 30%.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The transportation sector contributes 27% of GHG in Canada. Electric and hybrid vehicle technologies can help lower emissions, improve air quality in our communities while also reducing noise and pollution.

AREA and the Towns have taken the important step of installing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Antigonish has multiple charging stations installed in various community locations including the Library, Arena, Chisholm Park, Dr. J.H. Gillis, St. Andrew Junior School, Sydney Street Parking Lot, the Microtel, and Club 60 Parking Lot.

Visit, www.plugshare.com for specific locations. 


To learn more about the start of the Ellershouse Wind Farm and the partners that started the project, watch the video below. 

Ellershouse Wind Farm - As the Wind Blows from PicnicStudios on Vimeo.

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