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About our Utility

The Town of Antigonish is the largest of six municipally owned and operated electric utilities in the province of Nova Scotia. The utility serves 3,000 residential customers and over 500 commercial customers in the Town and fringe area, and has gross revenues in excess of $12,000,000 from sales of more than 90,000,000 kilowatt hours. The Town purchases power from Nova Scotia Power and generates sustainnable energy through the Alternative Resource Energy Authroity (AREA). 

Commitment to Sustainability

The Town, through its Electric Utility, is also committed to energy sustainability. As a partner in the Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA), an intra-municipal partnership with the Towns of Berwick and Mahone Bay, the town participates in a small wind energy project in the district of West Hants near Ellershouse, Nova Scotia. At the completion of the project, AREA will have seven (7) wind turbine generators. The project is to be located near Ellershouse, east of Panuke Lake.

Ellershouse Wind Farm - As the Wind Blows from PicnicStudios on Vimeo.

Electric Energy Conservation & Efficiency

If you are a customer of The Town of Antigonish Electric Utility, you are eligible to participate in Nova Scotia Power's energy conservation and efficiency programs? To find out which programs can help you save electricity visit Efficiency Nova Scotia or call 1-877-999-6035.

Service Connections & Disconnections

Connection: Before you can be connected for service you must sign a service contract. Contracts can be picked up at the Town Hall on Main Street, or you can contact us to receive a digital copy. We must have a signed copy on hand prior to connecting your service. Connections may take 1-3 days to complete. You will be required to make a security deposit equal to 3 months of estimated usage before the connection will take place.

Disconnection: If you require a service disconnection, please contact our Corporate Service Department to provide us with the date you would like the power disconnected and a forwarding address to send a final bill.

Electricity Rates

  pdf  Electric Utility- Rules and Regulations Schedule (707 KB)

  pdf Electric Utility - Rates (239 KB)

Former Customer Fuel Refund Program - November 30, 2019 deadline to apply

 As a municipal electric utility, the Town of Antigonish Electric Utility purchases power from Nova Scotia Power at a bulk discounted rate. This allows the Town of Antigonish Electric Utility to provide power to our customers at prices below that of Nova Scotia Power, for most classes. Due to an overestimation of their 2018 fuel costs, Nova Scotia Power was directed by the NS Utility & Review Board to refund those savings, plus interest, back to their customers through a one-time credit. The Town of Antigonish Electric Utility is passing this credit on to our current and former customers. Current customers will have this credit automatically applied to their electric accounts.

Former customers who are no longer serviced by the Town's utility or customers who have changed locations within Town within the last year are eligible to apply for a refund. To be eligible for the fuel refund, you must have had electricity usage in 2018. These credits are calculated based on your power usage in 2018. To apply for the fuel refund, please complete the online form below, or visit us in Town Hall, located at 274 Main St. to discuss the program with our Department of Corporate Services.

The deadline to apply for this refund is November 30, 2019. Please note that it will take up to 4-6 weeks to process your refund. NOTE: Only cheques of $20.00 or greater will be issued to former Town of Antigonish electric customers. 

Online Application

Income & Social Supports

The following programs offer assistance to individuals and families who may require additional funds to cover the costs of home heating. For details on each program please contact each organization:

Salvation Army Good Neighbour Energy Fund:

Click here, for more information visit the Maritime Salvation Army Website

Nova Scotia Heating Assistance Rebate Program:

Click here, for more information and to apply online visit the Province of Nova Scotia's website

Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund:

Applications for this program offered by the Women's Resource Centre can be picked up in person at: 219 Main Street, Suite 204.

For more information about the Emergency Fuel Fund please contact the Women's Resource Centre at 902-863-6221.

Reporting Service Issues

If you are experiencing any service issues, please contact our Public Works Department.

More Information

For inquiries related to AREA, or for issues related to electric billing and payment, please contact Corporate Services

For service-related information on our Electric Utility, please contact Public Works.

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