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Public Notice: Flooding Concerns - November 23 2021

Residents are advised the Town has noted the following areas of concern with regards to flooding and rising water levels:

  • Creighton Lane Parking Lot: The Parking Lot is being closed effective immediately. Motorists are advised to move their vehicle if parked there as soon as possible. Motorists who chose to park in this area are doing so at their own risk.
  • Antigonish Market Square Parking Lot: Water levels are rising in the front and back of the parking lot.
  • Columbus Field: Significant flooding in the area including the dog park.
  • Chisholm Park: Rising water levels.

The following streets are currently experiencing flooding concerns:

  • Elm Street and Main Street intersection.
  • St. Andrews Street.
  • Upper Hawthorne Street.
  • Church Street by the bridge.
  • Court Street near the river.
  • Trotters Lane, parts of MacLellan Street and Johns Path.

Town crews are out cleaning catch basins and monitoring Town infrastructure as best we can while the storm progresses.

Residents are advised the water levels will continue to rise as we continue to experience significant rainfall. While these are some areas of concern, there may be others as the storm continues. Residents are responsible for flood mitigation on their own property. However, if residents notice any flooding impacting Town-owned infrastructure, please phone 902-867-5575 to report the concern.

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