Starting in August, the Town of Antigonish will begin implementation of a new way to pay at the parking meter - with Hot Spot Parking!

Hot Spot was founded in 2013, and is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The company has developed a simple to use smartphone app that allows users to pay for parking from the convenience of their phone. Hot Spot will place stickers on every parking meter with an identifying number, which users will input into the app, which is connected to their credit card, to pay for parking. The cost of the app download is free, and from there users will sign up and pay a monthly ($2) or yearly ($18-20) fee to use the app in addition to paying for parking. The purpose of this initiative is to provide an additional payment option for residents and visitors looking to park at any location that is metered – it will not replace the coin-based meters.

From a parking enforcement perspective, our By-law officers will be provided with free handsets to validate parking by simply taking a picture of the license plates. Moreover, the Town can ‘throttle’ the time people are allowed to spend parked at a given meter within the app (e.g. users cannot remotely ‘top up’ the meter and remain parked in the same space for many continuous hours).

The system also allows for business owners to validate parking for customers or pay for employees parking by signing up for a Hot Spot business account for $80 (plus tax) per year. Hot Spot is willing to work with the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association to ensure that the use of the app and its benefits are well understood.

This initiative comes at no cost to the Town, with the exception of staff time to implement. Hot Spot has waived all transaction fees to the Town, and will lead all integration, communication, and other set up requirements.

If this initiative proves successful, there is also the opportunity for the Town to explore the payment solution and ridership tracking application offered for transit, which can be undertaken in partnership with Antigonish Community Transit.

Overall, staff anticipate this initiative will provide an immediate value-add to the community by making the parking experience more convenient for our visitors, residents, and business community.

Implementation will begin in August.

Common questions

When will mobile payment for parking be available?

As of August 15, 2018, mobile payment for parking will be available on all municipal meters.

How do I access the mobile payment for parking option?

Users must download the mobile app via the HotSpot website. The app has a monthly/ annual fee. Watch this HotSpot video to see how the mobile app works.

Do I now have to use the mobile app in order to pay for metered parking?

No. Standard methods of payment for metered parking remain unchanged.  The new mobile payment solution provides people with another option for their convenience.  Coin payments are also available at all meters. 

If I try to pay on a weekend or holiday, will the mobile app take my payment?

No. The app will not process payments on weekdays or holidays, even if the user tries to make a payment.

I only used half my time at the meter. Can I get a refund?

Users of the mobile payment app can end their parking session any time and will be refunded the remaining time. This option is not available for standard coin payments.

Will I receive a mobile notification if I get a ticket?

No. Users of the mobile app will not receive an electronic ticket or notification. Paper tickets will continue to be issued.

Can I use the mobile app to pay for Antigonish Transit?

No.  The HotSpot transit payment feature is not available in Antigonish.  Updates regarding the status of new technology for transit will be shared as information becomes available.

How many parking meters will now offer the mobile payment option?

All municipal meters will now offer the mobile payment option via HotSpot.

Who can I call if there’s a problem with my HotSpot app?

Contact the service provider via its website, mobile app or call 1-855-712-5888 (toll-free).

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