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Starting a Project?

Our Department provides a range of services that begin at the development concept stage and move through to turn-key at the end. The first step for anyone starting a project is to do a review of the

  pdf Municipal Planning Strategy (1.24 MB) and the   pdf Land Use By-law (16.45 MB) to understand what is permitted and what conditions may apply. In some areas of Town our built heritage is protected and supported through the Antigonish Design Guidelines.

Whether it’s a new fence, or a new building, your project will likely require   pdf Development and Building Permits (234 KB) . Permits may also be required for repairs, alterations and demolition projects. The intention of these permits is to ensure that minimum required safety standards are met, and that a high quality built environment is maintained for you and your neighbours. For smaller projects, such as garden sheds, decks or solar panels, we suggest a review of our Permit Guides.

If your project requires a change to your water service, storm drainage, driveways, sidewalk or boulevard adjacent to your property you will require a Municipal Services Permit. A change to your electrical service will require an Electrical Permit.

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NOTICE: Temporary process for Building Permits and Inspection

The Town of Antigonish is making some changes, on an interim basis, that will affect your projects. There will be some change in the level of service typically provided by the Town, but we intend to continue to provide high quality building related services in a timely fashion. For more information, please read the following pdf letter from our Acting Director of Planning (376 KB)

Permit Guides

The Town of Antigonish has produced helpful guides to assist our residents and developers in understanding the permitting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of permits will I need for my project?

There are three different types of permits issued by the planning department: Building, Development and Occupancy permits. The type of project you are undertaking will determine which permits you will need. The Development Permit is required for all new construction and any changes in usage to land or an existing structure. It ensures that all new construction and uses of land conform to applicable land use by-laws. The Building Permit ensures that the planned development meets the structural requirements of the National Building Code (1995). Be sure to allow adequate time to attain the Building and Development permits; they must be approved before commencing work. Application for the Building and Development permit may be made at the same time. The Occupancy Permit is issued when all applicable inspections have been passed and the project is deemed complete by the building inspector.

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