Recreational Facilities

 The Town of Antigonish has beautiful parks, exciting playgrounds, and boasts some of the best playing fields in the province including a state-of-the-art artificial turf, softball and baseball fields, practice fields, tennis courts, skatepark and beach volleyball courts. Our playing fields and parks can be rented for games, practices, or special events.

In addition to the facilities owned and maintained by the Town of Antigonish, there are several facilities within and near our Town that provide space for recreational opportunities. These include: the Antigonish Arena, St. Francis Xavier University Keating Millennium Centre and Oland Centre, Pins Bowling Centre, and Antigonish Golf and Country Club, to name a few. Contact us to find out how to access these facilities.

Are you a recreation group that is struggling to find indoor space to rent due to COVID-19 facility closures? Find a list of facilities currently accepting rentals in Antigonish Town and County pdf here (182 KB) . [Updated October 7th, 2020]. As of November 4th, 2020, school gymnasiums will also be accepting rentals after hours until 9PM, Monday-Friday. All rental fees will be waived for this use. A list of schools that are available for bookings can be found here.

Booking a Facility

If you wish to book Columbus Field, Cairn Park, or Chisholm Park, or the Antigonish All Wheels Skatepark for an event please fill out and send in the pdf Special Event Application Form (249 KB)

If you wish to book any of the following playing fields: Central Turf Field, Columbus Field, St. Andrew’s Street Field, Regional Ballfields (Softball or Baseball), Columbus Field Tennis Courts, or our Beach Volleyball Courts please fill out and send in the pdf Field User Rental Agreement Form (221 KB) .

Guidelines for Racquet Court Players

General Guidelines:

  • Maximum of 8 players in the fenced court at one time. 
  • Players are asked to respect businesses in the area not park in private parking lots. Free parking is available in the parking lot on St. Andrews Street or Club 60.
  • To avoid bottlenecks and follow public health guidelines, all participants must enter through the front entrance and exit through the back gates.
  • To limit contact with other court users, players who arrive to an empty court are asked to go directly to COURT #1 and those who arrive after can occupy COURT #2.   
  • Players must be able to comply with all COVID-19 Nova Scotia Public Health Regulations that are currently in place including social distancing (2 meters or 6 feet) and gathering limits.
  • Players must maintain physical distancing when packing up equipment and exiting the courts.
  • Players should not share equipment unless they are from the same household and all equipment should be disinfected prior to and after use.

Individual Precautions:

  • Players should practice proper hand hygiene, especially after being in contact with high-touch areas like the entrance and exit gates.
  • Carry and use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol content as frequently as possible.
  • Avoid touching your face until you can properly disinfect your hands.
  • Masks must be worn to and from the racquet courts.

Guidelines for Tennis Players:

  • There can be up to four (4) players per court. A fifth player (alternate) must wait outside the court on the bench provided.
  • Players not from the same household must abide by the 6 feet/ 2-meter social distancing regulations at all times.
  • Masks must be worn to and from the racquet courts.
  • Players should only play in the community they reside in.

Guidelines for Pickleball Players:

  • There can be up to four (4) players per court. A fifth player (alternate) must wait outside the court on the bench provided.
  • Although there can be up to four (4) players on each court, to maintain proper distancing, Pickleball players must set up on the backcourt of Court #1 and the frontcourt of Court #2.
  • Players must always abide by the 6 feet/2-meter social distancing regulations.
  • Masks must be worn to and from the racquet courts.
  • Players should only play in the community they reside in.

Racquet Court Schedule

Please Note: Users of the Town's Racquet Courts are asked to be considerate of surrounding businesses. Users who drive to the Racquet Courts are asked to please park in Public Parking Areas either on St. Mary's Street or St.Andrews Street. In addition, users are asked to avoid the use of private business washrooms and instead use the public washroom facilities at Columbus Field. These washroom facilities are open from April to November. 

Court Schedule Spring 2022

Antigonish All-Wheels Skatepark

Through the support of the Town, County, StFX and Antigonish Skatepark Association, our community now has a new All-Wheels Skatepark. In order for everyone to be able to ride safely, please review the rules and regulations for the Antigonish Community Skatepark. 

Skatepark rules and regulations.


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