Municipal Planning Strategy

A Municipal Planning Strategy is a legal document in which Council identifies policies to guide their future decisions regulating the physical development of the town, and "provisions of" the public services and facilities for the residents of the town. The general goals of this plan are:

  1. To maintain and promote the Town of Antigonish's position as a regional centre by providing the populace with business, cultural, shopping, recreational and other similar services.
  2. To enhance the quality of the physical environment as well as to prevent the deterioration of both the natural and built environment from damage by uncontrolled development.
  3. To provide a land use pattern in which the various uses are compatibly located sufficient to accommodate future growth and provide equitable access to accommodations and services.

To these ends, the MPS translates general goals into specific policies. The Strategy itself does not provide direct means of implementing policies. The Land Use and other Bylaws described in Section 8 - Implementation, are used to implement the specific policies of the MPS. While the Strategy does not commit Council to undertake any projects described within it, Council is restricted from undertaking any actions inconsistent with the policies of the Strategy.

The Municipal Planning Strategy, Land USe By-law, and zoning map can be found by visiting the Eastern District Planning Commission's website, Plan Documents

Other related documents that are critical to achieving and maintaining our development goals include:

  pdf Town of Antigonish - Design Guidelines (584 KB)


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