Town Notice: Public Facilities

A reminder to residents:

The Town has not closed access to public facilities such as the Skatepark and Columbus Field and Chisholm Park. However, at this time the province and public health officials are urging people to follow social distancing guidelines to keep the spread of the COVID-19 virus minimized. The Town stresses that residents should follow these guidelines and limit or eliminate your time in public spaces until directed otherwise. 

If you need to go out, please avoid crowds, give space between you and other people and do not greet one another by shaking hands, hugging, high-fives, etc. Once you return to your home please practice good hygiene like hand washing and remember to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces like cell phones, countertops, doorknobs, steering wheels, etc. 

At times like these, we need residents to look at the greater public need and take extra measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Town thanks you for your cooperation at this time. 

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